Pont Souillac, Moka 80826

Young Muslims (YM)

Our Vision

Be the platform for developing and sustaining a vibrant community of young Muslims throughout Mauritius in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah

Our Mission

Promote the right way of life in young Muslims through social, spiritual and physical activities


Islamic Sciences

  • Study Circles online and regional, One night to be spent in a mosque, Seminar
  • Tarbiyyah / Tazkiyyah, Promote courses offered by the IIET
  • Debate competition, Quiz
  • Anasheed competition, Qiraat competition, Sketch

Outdoor Sports

  • Picnic, Outing, Archery, Swimming
  • Street fighting / Martial Arts, Chasse au Trésor
  • Islamic Youth Camp, Soccer Competition, Mountain climbing

Social Involvement

  • Organising frequent visits to Yateem Khana and poverty-stricken areas. Food collection for poor people (e.g., in month of Ramadan).
  • Participate in Bait ul maal projects, Help orphans (help with studies, leisure and entertainment.)
  • Preservation of the environment.


  • Islamically healthy e-platform (Facebook or other) where YM can interact
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