Islamic Institute of Education and Training

Supported by a grant from the Islamic Development Bank of Jeddah (IDB), the Islamic Institute of Education and Training (IIET) is housed in a 600 square metre building on 2 hectares of land, at Pont Souillac, Moka. The centre was officially inaugurated in August 1997.

Besides facilities for conferences, seminars, classes and salat, it provides sports facilities such as a mini football ground and a volley ball pitch.


    • Course on Basic Islamic Sciences
    • Course on Quranic Arabic
    • Basic IT courses
    • Seminars
    • Leadership & Management Courses
    • Presentation of Islam to Non Muslims upon request
    • Courses in Information Technology
    • Madrassah Reform Project/Training of Mudarris
    • Parental and family life education
    • Courses on Islam and Muslims for non Muslims

Over the years, several seminars and workshops have been organized by local and international guest speakers/trainers. One the most successful programme of the IIET has been the Qur’anic Arabic class which started in 2005, under the guidance of Sheikh Tijani Gahbiche of the UK. Since then, over 1500 students have completed successfully our courses. Today we are currently imparting Quranic Arabic classes in the following centres:

Region Venue
Port Louis Madrassa Ruknuddeen (La Rue Large)
Port Louis Masjid Rabita (Rue St. Pierre)
Phoenix Sir A R Mohamed Centre
Flacq Masjid Ar-Rahmah (opp. Ex cinema Le Reve)
Belle Rose Islamic Cultural College
Rose Belle Windsor College Boys (Mont Fertile)
Chemin Grenier Muslim Cultural Centre

IIET is being renovated. Visit this page to learn more.

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