SIM teaches Quranic Arabic (QA) for more than 15 years around the island to brothers and sisters as from 13 years old.


The aim is to help our brothers and sisters:

  • Access the message from their Creator directly (in Arabic) as opposed to accessing the message through translators
  • Better interpret and understand of the Quran
  • Reflect deeply (tadabbur) on the verses of the Quran
  • Grasp the subtlety and nuances in the message of the Quran
  • Appreciate the beauty and eloquence of the Quran
  • Increase concentration in acts of worship like salaah
  • Ultimately get closer to Allah

Students should at least be able to read the Quran, even though not fluently. Access to Level 2 necessitates the completion of Level 1. Completion of Level 2 gives access to Level 3 and upon completion of Level 3, students can move to Level 4.


The course is structured into 4 LEVELS.

LEVEL 1 – Basics of Quranic Arabic

Students are exposed to the types of words and sentences in Arabic and the basics of grammar including the characteristics of nouns (gender, number, definiteness and case), prepositions, the idaafah construction, root words, personal pronouns, etc. Students are further introduced to simple verbs mainly Form 1 verbs in all tenses.

LEVEL 2 – Verbs Form II to Form X and analysis of shorter surahs

We deal with more complex verbs i.e. Form II to Form X and some advanced grammar including conditional sentences, relative pronouns, etc… We further start with the analysis of short surahs whereby students can practice to consolidate and apply the grammatical rules and the vocabulary acquired from Level 1.

LEVEL 3 – Analysis of longer surahs

We continue with the analysis of relatively longer surahs using selections from the Quran that feature select vocabulary to illustrate points of grammar and structure. We start to look more at the context and we deal with simple tafseer (explanation/ exegesis of revelation) and asbaab un nuzul (occasions/circumstances of revelation).

LEVEL 4 – Thematic approach of the Quran

We study the different themes found in the Holy Quran. We shall attempt to understand the verses around:

  • Concept of God in Islam
  • Muhammad (SAW), the last prophet
  • Belief and practice in the Quran
  • Dignity and human rights (moral values)
  • Family and society
  • Law and the state
  • Economic life
  • The Islamic community: its mission

Please note that SIM is conducting Level 4 on a pilot basis in 2024


Students of Level 1 & 2 may have support from former students to complete their exercises and to answer the questions they might have. Contact details of the former students are shared with current students who can contact them to schedule an online meeting.


The textbook used in Level 1 and 2 is “Access to Quranic Arabic” by Abdul Wahid Hamid.

The first volume of the textbook consists of 40 units. Each unit consists of a lesson on grammar on one page and the opposite page has 15 short sentences or phrases involving this grammatical item allowing students practice to apply their knowledge/skills.

As for vocabularies, 3 word lists are provided in the textbook according to their frequency of occurrence in the Quran. First word list consists of root words and their derivatives occurring over 100 times in the Quran.

2nd word list consists of root words and their derivatives occurring between 50 and 100 times.

3rd word list consists of root words and their derivatives occurring between 25 and 49 times in the Quran.

The second volume of the textbook consists of 110 selections from the Quran, which are of average 5 to 6 lines.


Each level consists of around 45 sessions of 2 hours once every week over a period of one year due from the 20th January 2024 to 1st December 2024.


The QA Department of SIM consists of three main units (Administrative, Pedagogy & Support) with several members of diverse background.

Administrative Unit

  • Aadil Raja (Head)
  • Fouad Assotally
  • Abtaheebh Sullymanjeeajee
  • Noorjahan Jhumun
  • Aarifah Emambocus
  • Aanas Ruhomaully

Pedagogy Unit

  • Aadil Raja (Head)
  • Fouad Assotally
  • Yousouf Joomye
  • Faizal Jaulim
  • Abtaheebh Sullymanjeeajee
  • Anwar Buchoo
  • Aanas Ruhomaully
  • Ally Assotally
  • Nazreen Jeewon
  • Fawzia Jaulim
  • Jameela Rojoa Mungly
  • Noorjahan Jhumun
  • Hawa Bibi Peerbocus
  • Aarifah Emambocus
  • Sairoon Argurun
  • Shabeerah Ramkhalawon
  • Houda Assotally
  • Naziah Safee Jaferally
  • Nasreen Khedun
  • Firyaal Hosenally

Support Unit

  • Noorjahan Jhumun
  • Rufayda Dargaye
  • Swaleha Ganga
  • Shabneez Tourabaly
  • Aanas Ruhomaully

QA course is being dispensed at 9 venues over the island from:

Level Venue Day
Level 1 Doha Academy, Eau Coulèe Saturday
Masjid Khidmat Ul Islam, Brisée-Verdière Saturday
Sir A R Mohamed Hall, Phoenix Sunday
Madrassa Ruknudeen, Port Louis Sunday
Hamilton College, Mahébourg Sunday
Masjid Al Muttaqi, Plaine des Papayes Sunday
Masjid Ar-Rahmah, Flacq Sunday
Level 2 Islamic Cultural College, Belle Rose Saturday
Masjid Ar-Rahmah, Flacq Sunday
Masjid Rabita, Port Louis Sunday
Level 4 Islamic Cultural College, Belle Rose Saturday
Sir A R Mohamed Hall, Phoenix Sunday
Century Hall, Port Louis Sunday

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