SIM teaches Quranic Arabic for more than 10 years around the island to brothers and sisters ranging from 15 to 75 years of age using the textbook  “Access to Quranic Arabic”  by Abdul Wahid Hamid.


The aim is to get non-Arabic speakers to:

  • Understand much of what they read and listen from the Quran
  • Appreciate the difference from accessing the message from their Creator directly (in Arabic) to accessing the message from translators.
  • Get our brothers and sisters closer to Allah

Students must be able to read and write the Arabic script even though not fluently to access to Level 1. While to access to Level 2 necessitates completion of Level 1.


The course is divided into 2 LEVELS.

LEVEL 1 is taught using the above mentioned textbook, level 1, and it covers the basic grammar of Arabic and the frequent vocabularies of the Quran.

Grammar (syntax and morphology) is presented in a graded way over 40 units:

      • Units 1 – 10: deal with sentences without verbs. (Nouns, pronouns, prepositions, idaafa, …)
      • Units 11 – 19: deal with root words and past tense of Form I verbs.
      • Units 20 – 30: deal with present tense of Form I verbs. (مرفوع ومنصوب ومجزوم)
      • Units 31 – 36: deal with derived Forms, II to X.
      • Units 37 – 40: get more in details (منصوبات , relative pronouns, more on broken plurals, and conditional sentences).

A unit consists of a lesson on grammar on 1 page and the opposite page has 15 short sentences or phrases involving this grammatical item allowing students practice to apply the knowledge/skills to which they have just been exposed.

As for vocabularies, 3 word lists are provided according to their frequency in the Quran. First word list consists of root words and their derivatives occurring over 100 times in the Quran.

2nd word list consists of root word and their derivatives occurring between 50 and 100 times.

3rd word list consists of root word and their derivatives occurring between 25 and 49 times in the Quran.

LEVEL 2 is carried out using Quranic selections from the same author that feature select vocabulary and illustrate points of grammar and structure. The book consists of 110 selections which are of average 5 to 6 lines from the Quran. Students are thus exposed to ample practice to consolidate and apply the grammatical rules and the frequent vocabularies they learned from Level 1. Students further build their vocabulary and only a few additional grammar rules are taught.

In Level 1, the students have short sentences without context. In Level 2, they apply the grammatical rules and vocabularies while there is a context. As such, inevitably we deal with light tafseer and asbaab un nuzul.


Each level consists of around 55 sessions of 2 hours once every week over a period of 15 months.


Admin Unit

    • Aadil Raja (Head)
    • Fouad Assotally
    • Aanas Ruhaumaully
    • Abtaheebh Sullymanjeeajee

Pedagogy Unit

    • Aadil Raja (Head)
    • Fouad Assotally
    • Yusuf Joomye
    • Faizal Jaulim
    • Abtaheebh Sullymanjeeajee
    • Anwar Buchoo
    • Aanas Ruhaumaully
    • Ally Assotally
    • Nazreen Jeewon
    • Fawzia Jaulim
    • Jameela Mungly
    • Aarifa Emambocus
    • Sairun Argurun
    • Sultana Khodabocus
    • Shabiirah Ramkhalawon
    • Houda Assotally
COURSE (23 JAN 2021 – 23 APR 2022)

Quranic Arabic course is being dispensed at 10 locations over the island:


Level Venue Day
Level 1 Islamic Cultural College, Belle Rose Saturday
Masjid Khidmat Ul Islam, Brisée-Verdière Saturday
Sir A R Mohamed Hall, Phoenix Saturday
Madrassa Ruknudeen, Port Louis Sunday
Triolet (above Boulangerie Bin Dawood) Sunday
Tyack Sunday
Level 2 Islamic Cultural College, Belle Rose Saturday
Masjid Ar-Rahmah (opp. Ex cinema Le Reve), Flacq Sunday
Sir A R Mohamed Hall, Phoenix Sunday
Masjid Rabita (Rue St. Pierre), Port Louis Sunday
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