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We understand that the goal of da’wah is merely to share information, to invite others towards a better understanding of the faith and it is, of course, up to the listener to make his or her own choice.

Da’wah serves to invite all people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, to understand how the worship of Allah (God) is described in the Quran and practised in Islam.

Da’wah is a universal invitation to the faith. When practiced with non-Muslims, da’wah involves explaining the meaning of the Quran and demonstrating how Islam works for the believer.

To Muslims it is to give advice and guidance on making good choices and living an Islamic lifestyle.  Da’wah also serves as a good-natured and healthy discussion over how to interpret the Quran and how to best practice the faith.

Da’wah is a specific activity of the Islamic Movement and not its sole work, although it is considered to be the heart of the Movement. Therefore, SIM has deemed it natural that Da’wah formulation and execution would be under a specific unit or department, viz. a Da’wah Department. This department is run by a Da’wah Committee, appointed by the Shurah of SIM.

The purpose of the committee is to identify projects/activities which will:

  • propagate information about Islam,
  • respond to questions/misinformation/misconceptions on our faith and
  • advise and guide Muslims on the application of Islamic principles in all aspects of their lives.
Department Members
  • Iqbal Rosun (Head)
  • Saad Diljore
  • Mosadeq Sahebdin
  • Yaasir Ozeer
  • Fouad Assotally
  • Zaahir Hissoob
  • Muzammil Edoo
  • Farhaan Ganga
  • Landing – door to door distribution of leaflets and invitation, talks in Masjid
  • World Qur’an Day
  • Al Quds day
  • Ramadan Radio/TV programmes
  • Virtual programmes during Ramadan
  • Ramadan Talks in Masjids
  • Sensitisation campaign on social ills – Anti drug, anti gambling, Esclavage, corruption
  • Seerah Course
  • Activity period talks in colleges
  • Annual Camp
  • Daawah towards our friends and neighbours.Think global and act local.
  • Action on International issuesObserving Dedicated Weeks. Observe a special week dedicated to one specific international issue every two months. Palestine, Ouighours.
Calendar of Activities

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