Since the year 2001, SIM planned to erect a mosque in Réduit in order to facilitate university students, as well as people working around. Alhamdulillah, the mosque was finally completed in 2006. It is a four storey building, the first floor exclusively reserved for women.

Masjid Reduit
Masjid Reduit

The mosque aims, among other things. to train and educate the students of the University of Mauritius (the major university of Mauritius) so that they become competent and committed Muslim professionals.

Importance of Masjid Réduit

In all universities around the world where the Muslim population is significant, the authorities either provide amenities for prayer or the students arrange for the required facilities, usually through Islamic societies or Muslim Students associations. These praying rooms or mosques emerging in the vicinity of universities gradually become centres of knowledge, education, training, thinking and research as well as of social events and daawa. The dichotomy between the material and the spiritual, visible in modern time universities disappears as soon as the mosque assumes its role in the life of university students. The mosque gives a real universality to modern time universities.

UOM does not make provisions for prayer facilities, rendering the presence and importance of masjid Réduit simply natural.

Objectives of Masjid Réduit
  1. Provision of a place for establishing regular prayers for both brothers and sisters, especially the jummah swalaat and during Ramadan
  2. Provision of a space for students and professionals to meet and discuss issues or problems affecting their life or the community.
  3. Promotion of Islamic Education, particularly among the students via courses, seminars, study circles, group discussions etc.
  4. To carry out Daawah among Muslims and non- Muslims.
  5. To encourage Islamic brotherhood
  6. To promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims
  7. To create and maintain a spiritual atmosphere in Reduit, around the mosque and the Centre.
  8. To provide a space where students and other officers can spend their free time usefully and away from un-islamic activities.
  9. To accommodate foreign students or guests
Department Members
  • Muzzammil Hosenally (Head)
  • Aadil Raja
  • Muntashir Peeroo
  • Farhaan Ganga
  • Sr. (Dr.) Swaleha Hudaa Neetoo
  • Sr. Shaybah Neetoo
  • Sr. Ibteesaam Pondor
  • Fouad Assotally
  • Sr. Neisha Golamhossen
Calendar of Activities

Please note that all activities are suspended due to COVID-19. Below are some regular activities we used to carry out.

  • Tarbiyyah; Held every 2 months on a Saturday from Assar until Sunday 7am.
  • Outing; Held every 2 months.
  • Inter-faith Iftaar; Every Ramadan.
  • Fiqh-us-Seerah: 10 weekly sessions on Meccan period in first semester then another 10 weekly sessions on Medinan Period in second semester.
  • Khutbah
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Tout au long de l’histoire du SIM, beaucoup de frères et des sœurs ont contribué au développement du Mouvement à différents niveaux. Cependant, Ghulam Jilani Soobiah mérite une mention spéciale. Apres avoir servi SIM pendant une dizaine d’années a Maurice, Ghulam Jilani Soobiah partit travailler en Arabie Saoudite pour trois ans tout en continuant à accorder tout son soutien au Mouvement. En 1985, il alla habiter à Leicester en Angleterre où il continua le travail islamique. Pendant la guerre de Bosnie, Ghulam Jilani Soobiah créa le Helping Hand, une organisation de volontaires ayant pour but d’aider les musulmans victimes de la guerre. Pendant l’un de ses voyages, une bombe explosa tout près de son convoie et il tomba en martyr avec sept autres de ses compagnons de différentes nationalités. Ils sont tous enterrés à Mostar, en Bosnie Herzégovine.

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