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Young Muslimah (YMa)

Founded in January 2004 by Sister Shenaz Atchia and a few others, Young Muslimah (YMa) was inspired by a similar organization in the UK as well as previous work carried out by the Women Islamic Movement (WIM) which started with seminars, outings, sports days for young girls and the famous residential camp known as ‘3 Jours de Reve’ in the years 2000.

YMa stressed on training of young girls and study circles (Usra) were carried out on a regular basis at Rabita Hall in Port Louis. The official launch of YMa was done with a women’s only cultural program at Sunnee Soortee Hall, Port Louis with a representative from Young Muslims of UK in the year 2005.

In its more than 15 years existence, there have been several teams to head and organize events for the training and wellbeing of young Muslim girls around the island. We pray the good work continues and the essence of YMa prevails;  that is to gear the young girls with the proper tools to become successful Muslimahs of tomorrow.

Our Vision

Be the platform for developing and sustaining a vibrant community of young Muslimas through Mauritius in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.

Our Mission

Promote the right way of life in young Muslimas through social, spiritual and physical activities.

Department Members
  • Sr Amreena Jamalkhan Mollabux (Head)
  • Sr Ibteesam Pondor
  • Sr Aminah Noursing
  • Sr Maryam Jeetoo
  • Sr Yumna Binte Hussein Rassool Carrimbaccus
  • Sr Aarifa Bibi Emambokus
Calendar of Activities

Please note that all activities are suspended due to COVID-19. Below are some regular activities we used to carry out.

  • Annual Youth Camp for young sisters.
  • Annual fund raising, e.g., Food Day
  • Active participation in monthly Tarbiyyah.
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