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SIMOI Educational Trust

The SIMOI Educational Trust was established in 1985 by SIM in partnership with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) of Jeddah. The aim of the trust is to support Muslim students for tertiary programmes by an interest free loan. The students refund part of the loan after completing their studies. Up to present day, the Trust has supported some 45 students who have completed their studies in medicine. An equal number have been supported in the field of engineering and other sciences.

The other aim of the Trust is to develop committed and competent Muslim professionals. Beneficiaries of the trust have regrouped themselves into the IDB Graduates Association.

The graduate doctors have been running free mobile clinics throughout the island at a rate of one mobile clinic every six weeks. They also care for terminally ill cancer patients to provide domiciliary medical support to the affected patients.

The trustees include:

  • Dr Nazeer Hosany (President)
  • Dr Yaasir Ozeer (Secretary)
  • Yasmine Jeetoo (Treasurer)
  • Faizal Jaulim
  • Ismet Ozeer
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