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SIM Infrastructure Committee

This committee was set up with a view to re-develop the premises belonging to SIMOI at Moka, which houses its headquarters as well as the Islamic institute of Education and Training (IIET).

The main task of the committee was to define and design an infrastructure project at Moka, which would convert the IIET into an appealing, high standard, integrated educational, social and recreational complex capable of hosting conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops, classes, social events and leisure activities.

Although the main user is the Muslim community, the facilities and events proposed by the centre could be opened to the Mauritian community at large.

The project would comprise as many fund generating activities and infrastructures as possible, in order to sustain SIMOI, its social, educational and poverty alleviation actions as well as attend to the care and maintenance of the entire premises, including the salary of employees.

However, in the first instance any revenue from the implemented stages of the project will fund the next stage, until completion.

Department Members

There is a core consisting of the following members:

  • M Sadruddin Diljore, Civil Engineer – Chairperson
  • M Imraan Pondor, Quantity Surveyor
  • Yousouf Joomye, Project Manager
  • Faiz Toorabally, Architect
  • Ridwan Mohabuth, Mechanical Engineer
  • Ikhlas Sahebdin, Civil Engineer

As and when solicited, they are joined by

  • Issa Azeer, Civil Engineer
  • Zunnurain Hosenally, Mechanical Engineer
  • Fawaz Sahebdin, Marketing Specialist
  • Yaceer Pondor, Building Contractor
  • Zubeir Jeetoo, Civil Engineer
Calendar of Activities

The implementation of the project has been planned in stages:

  • Stage 1 Restoration and upgrading of existing IIET facilities
  • Stage 2 Provision of New Infrastructure – Office Block, Futsal and other amenities
  • Stage 3 Environmental Works – Landscaping and harvesting natural resources
  • Stage 4 Extension Works – Multipurpose Hall and additional facilities

So far part of stage 1 has been completed.
However, much needs to be done in terms of fund raising to go to the next level.
We are now concentrating on the defects such as water leakages which are still hampering the smooth running of activities within the complex.
The next stage is the construction of a foot five pitch which is awaiting funding.

Watch out for this page.

We shall insha Allah keep you abreast of all progress on the project as it unfolds.

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Proposed IIET Project
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On these premises, many people have received education and training that has benefited them and others continue and will continue to enjoy these benefits. Social and community projects have emerged. Every stone of this building has been useful to the community and will continue to be insha Allah.
Investing in the project is investing for the afterlife, it is investing to continue to harvest even after death.
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