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Any person of Islamic faith, whether male or female, young or old, who agrees with the vision and mission of SIM and is willing to work for the pleasure of Allah is a potential member and is welcome.

FOLLOWING ARE ESSENTIAL INFORMATION ON THE ASSOCIATION (as extracted from the Rules and Regulations of the Association)

The Islamic Society of the Mascarenes and the Indian Ocean, (SIMOI) better known as SIM (Société Islamique de Maurice) was registered in July 1983 with the Registry of Associations, Mauritius.

The goals and objectives of the Association which are carried out under the motto “Hold fast to the rope of Allah and do not be divided.” are:

    • To promote a better understanding of and propagate the authentic teachings of Islam to all and to the Muslims in particular, in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, in the French-speaking region of Africa and elsewhere. 
    • To instill in every believer Islam as a complete way of life and to encourage them to put it into practice.
    • To organise students, youths and other Muslim groups in accordance with Islamic principles.
    • To provide for the spiritual ,educational, intellectual, economic and social needs of the Muslim community by organising among other things, congregational prayers and the pilgrimages (Hajj and Umrah), by establishing educational and training institutions (pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary, professional and distance education) and financial institutions.
    • To relieve suffering and help the needy by bringing them donations in cash or kind (medication, clothing, food etc.) either directly or indirectly through governmental or non governmental charitable institutions.
    • To help needy students financially.
    • To promote harmonious relationship between the different components of the Mauritian society.  All communities will be able to avail themselves of the services offered by the institutions established by the association.
    • To construct, manage, maintain, develop and repair buildings, (viz. mosques, madrassas, schools, colleges, universities, libraries, leisure & sports facilities, recreation centres).
    • To accept and manage as Mutawalli all “wakf” executed in favour of the association under the supervision of the Board of Wakf Commissioners.

The association is opened to all persons of Islamic faith ready to practice the Islamic precepts.

There are two categories of membership: members and sympathisers.

Any person wishing to join the association shall address his request for admission in writing to the Secretary.

All requests will be considered by the Managing Committee who may accept them or reject them without having to assign any reason therefor.

The adherent shall pay an entrance fee of fifty rupees (Rs 50) and a monthly subscription of twenty five rupees (Rs 25). Monthly subscriptions are payable in advance and not later than the tenth day of the month for which they are due. The entrance fee and the monthly subscription may be increased or decreased subject to the consent of a Special General Assembly.

A new adherent shall be admitted as sympathiser and the managing committee reserves the exclusive right to raise him/her to the status of member based on his/her participation and contribution within the association to attain the objectives set by it. The Committee’s decision shall be final and no appeal will be considered. (Note: An adherent may choose to remain a sympathiser)  

Both categories of adherents have the same rights and privileges except that the sympathisers are not allowed (a) to form part of the managing committee and (b) to vote for amending the rules and regulations of the Association.

The Annual General Assembly of the Association is held before the 31st of March each year. The quorum is one third (1/3) of the number of paid up (less than 3 months) compliant adherents plus one (1).

A special general assembly shall be held whenever the Managing Committee deems it necessary or upon a reasoned request from at least one fifth of the number of adherents. In the latter case, the assembly shall be held within twenty days following the receipt of the said request. The quorum for any special general assembly shall be half the number of compliant adherents plus one (except for cases decided by law)

If there is no quorum thirty minutes after the fixed time, the special or annual general assembly shall be adjourned by a fortnight with the same agenda. The subsequent meeting will be held irrespective of the number of adherents present and the resolutions voted shall be legally binding.

Each adherent has a right to vote provided that he/she is not late with the payment of his/her subscription by more than three months.

Any adherent with an interest in the association shall have the right to inspect the books of the association provided that a written request is made to the Secretary at least fifteen days earlier. Any adherent owing more than three months subscription and who refuses to settle his debt with the treasurer fifteen days after having been invited in writing by the Secretary General to do so, will no longer be considered as a member of the association and his/her name will be struck off the register of members of the Association. Any adherent guilty of serious acts, liable to cause prejudice to the reputation of the association will be dismissed from the association following a decision to this effect by the Managing Committee. Should the decision of the Managing Committee be contested by the Adherent within fifteen days, the case shall be referred to a special general assembly which shall take place within 30 days of the date of appeal. 

The Association is managed by a committee consisting of 12 members elected, every three years by a majority of votes at the Annual General Assembly.

A member cannot sit on the Management Committee for more than two consecutive mandates, except with the consent of the Annual General Assembly. As for the President, he is absolutely not permitted to remain in post for more than two consecutive mandates.

Any quarrel or dispute concerning the Association and its adherents shall be settled by a Special General Assembly.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Association has set up some autonomous departments and some working sub committees as elaborated above. The adherents may opt to be involved exclusively with any autonomous department, but for administrative convenience they will be on the official register of SIMOI, will pay their entrance fee and monthly subscription to the Association and will be eligible to vote at the Assemblies held by the Association. However, they will be free to make voluntary monthly contributions exclusively towards the activities of the department of their choice or in accordance with the rules established by the departments concerned. Given that the autonomous departments are emanations of the Association, the rules applicable to adherents of the Association also applies to the members of the departments.

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