About Us - IDB (SIMOI Educational Trust)

The S.I.M.O.I. EDUCATIONAL Trust was established in 1996 with the help of the Islamic Development Bank to help Muslim students in financial difficulty to pursue in their tertiary studies. To date, hundreds of students benefited from this help. The S.I.M.O.I. EDUCATIONAL Trust Students who have benefited from this scheme are called upon to join the IDB Graduate Association and to contribute to community work. The IDB Graduate Association regularly organizes health caravans across the island targeting the needy. It also cares for terminally ill cancer patients to provide domiciliary medical support to the affected patients.
The trustees include Dr Nazeer Hosany (president), Dr Yaasir Ozeer (secretary), Yasmine Jeetoo (treasurer), Dr Ruzida Aubdool and Ismet Ozeer.

SIMOI Departments:

WIM (Women Islamic Movement)

IIET (Islamic Institute of Education & Training)

IDB (SIMOI Educational Trust)

Masjid GHULAM JILANI SOOBIAH (Masjid Reduit)

SIM Bookshop

SIM National ZAKAAT Fund

Social Engagement

Kids and Teens Club

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